Sunday, February 21, 2010


I'm seriously considering homeschooling my son next year I really feel like even with the g.a.t.e program at his school that he still is not challenged enough in his regular class and therefore it is starting to affect his grades. But then I wonder whether i am qualified to homeschool my son , so many questions. I just want my son to thrive he is soo smart and I am worried that the traditional school setting will squash his spirit.  Thoughts?????


  1. I homeschool and adore it! We use a public virtual academy because I'm also in college and it makes life so much easier to have curriculum ready for you. I have one that is just like your son and one that is being tested for ADD, so I have different reasons for each to homeschool. They have a lot of enrichment for gifted students. Do lots of research and see what's best for you! We currently use, but we've used before and it was awesome too! Good luck (sorry so long, lol)

  2. I came via Offbeat Mama so I couldn't tell for sure what age your son is, but I know that around here, your child can opt to go in for one or two classes if a parent is comfortable enough in that subject to teach themselves. They do have to be in the 6th grade or above, though. Several of the community colleges do the same thing is he passes the entrance test.

  3. Found your blog through offbeat mama.
    Rather than just homeschooling, consider unschooling:
    John Taylor Gatto is an ex NY teacher of the year who quit after being no longer able to stand what schools were ACTUALLY teaching.
    Naomi Aldort is a famous parenting counsellor who unschooled all three of her children.
    The other blogs are families who are all unschooling, each in a way that works for them.

    Unschooling may not be for you, but I would like to suggest that you owe it to your kids to consider it as a possibility before you reject it.

    The article that first opened my eyes to unschooling was

  4. I appreciate the info ladies you have no idea how much!!!! =)

  5. You've received some wonderful links and resources so I'll address your other question. You are qualified because at the end of the day the buck stops at your desk and you the woman who birthed him, loves him and cares for him on a daily basis knows him more acutely than anyone besides his creator. And on the days when he's behaving totally his age and off the wall at the very least you LOVE him LOL so he stands a better chance with you.

  6. deciding to homeschool (or unschool) is always a tough decision. we always worry - whether they're in school or not - if we're doing the right thing. we honestly thought we'd only have our son out of school for a few years. now we can't imagine any other lifestyle.

    you can jump in (like we did) or take your time reading and understanding it more. connect with locals who homeschool or unschool, ask questions, observe the families. try it out. if it doesn't work, you can always go back to school. but ultimately listen to your gut. you'll find the answer. :) good luck with whatever it may be!